April Menu! Meal Planning 103

HI All!!

Spring is here in Michigan!! YAY!


For April’s menu, I took an inventory of meats that we had stocked up already in the freezer and based our menu around that. Even though this shopping trip also included our Easter dinner items that we were bringing to our families homes, I wanted to keep within our $200 budget. That might seem crazy since it is additional meals for a special holiday that is not normally in your monthly budget but I am determined to stick with the $200 plan because the long run is such a pretty picture and I for-sure am not going to miss it! 🙂

Our freezer is pretty well stocked for this month on meats so we still had a lot of free range to move across the menu. My family (along with myself) are deer hunters so when it is deer season here in Michigan we stock up on our venison burger which is what we use to replace ground beef. Not only does this save us money from having to buy burger at the store, I also have it processed extra lean so we do not have fatty burger in our meals so they are healthier.  So I got on Pinterest and started searching for some meals that we haven’t tried yet or to jog my memory of meals we haven’t had in a while. Here is what I came up with:

Ham, Broccoli & Rice Casserole x 2
Ham & Bean Soup x 1
Creamy White Turkey Lasagna x 2
Leftover Turkey Shepard’s Pie x 1
Chicken Enchilada Casserole x 2
Pizza Burgers x 2
Lasagna Soup x 2
Cheesy Hamburger Casserole x 2
Skinny Broccoli Mac & Cheese Casserole x 2
Pesto Chicken x 1
Beef & Corn Casserole x 2
Minestrone Soup x 3 (one recipe makes enough for 3 meals – we will have 1 in
April and the other 2 are on May’s calendar already 🙂 )

Here is a visual of how I spaced the meals around. Make sure to check the recipes tabs for instructions on these meals.



I went to Busch’s Website and created my shopping list. Everything for these recipes came in at $148!! Wahoo!!! Plenty of room left to add what we need for our 2 Easter dinners!! I added on what our dishes to pass were and we checked in at $197!! Still under $200!  For this list I also had a few coupons readily available so there will be another $1.90 in savings taken off from this total. Here is our grocery list:file-page1




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