May Menu! Meal Planning 104

HI All!

I am sorry this one is  a little behind. I just finished all my cooking yesterday (May 1st). April was a BUSY month!! We found out some exciting news….Baby #3 (Pac-Man :)) is on the way!! My husband and I are very excited. So with that, I decided that I wanted to make sure I was eating right for Pac-man & myself. For May I chose healthier/skinny dishes to prepare. Make sure to check out the recipes under Dinner!

This month our dishes are: Continue reading May Menu! Meal Planning 104

April Menu! Meal Planning 103

HI All!!

Spring is here in Michigan!! YAY!


For April’s menu, I took an inventory of meats that we had stocked up already in the freezer and based our menu around that. Even though this shopping trip also included our Easter dinner items that we were bringing to our families homes, I wanted to keep within our $200 budget. That might seem crazy since it is additional meals for a special holiday Continue reading April Menu! Meal Planning 103

Meal Planning 102

The start of your meal planning should be you picking and deciding how many different dinners you will be making for that particular month. The way I go about it is usually every 3 or 4 days is leftover day. This day we eat up all the leftovers in the fridge. We usually only need 1 meal for this day because my husband also takes leftovers for lunch everyday. So that day we usually have a big breakfast so it can be a light leftover lunch then we finish off the rest of the leftovers at dinner. Then, nothing is going to waste. You are putting in a good chunk of your Saturday (or whatever day you cook, ours is a Saturday) to make these meals, you don’t want to be Continue reading Meal Planning 102

Meal Planning 101

When I decided that I wanted to stop wasting so much food and money, we had a family sit-down to discuss options. For each meal, we all contributed our favorites so we had a decent sized list to work with. We started meal planning in January. Unfortunately, I did not keep my lists or menus but I can tell you that we started with crock-pot meals and casseroles, such as beef and broccoli stir fry and lasagna. This past month we did more soups and dump meals. We grocery shop on Saturday morning then we come back and my husband and I get to work. Yes, he gets right in there to help. Our daughter also likes to help so we have the 3 of us moving around the kitchen.  With the 3 of us we have it down to about 3 hours to prep or make all of our meals for the next month.

Make sure you have your basics for meal planning. Continue reading Meal Planning 101

Meal Budgeting 101

Now, I know hearing that we feed our family of 4 for $200 a month sounds crazy! And it kind of is. At first, I thought this was a joke. There was no way I could really make this happen unless I was one of those crazy couponers (no offense). Running an in-home daycare with 6 kids during the day I really don’t have the time to sit down and clip coupons. I wanted to have a meal plan that was fitting for us to decide on, then just go with it. Now, I am not saying that I don’t shop the sales and use coupons when they are available because I do, just not habitually.

For those living in South Eastern Michigan, you may have heard of a store called Busch’s. This is where we do all of our shopping. Continue reading Meal Budgeting 101