May Menu! Meal Planning 104

HI All!

I am sorry this one is  a little behind. I just finished all my cooking yesterday (May 1st). April was a BUSY month!! We found out some exciting news….Baby #3 (Pac-Man :)) is on the way!! My husband and I are very excited. So with that, I decided that I wanted to make sure I was eating right for Pac-man & myself. For May I chose healthier/skinny dishes to prepare. Make sure to check out the recipes under Dinner!

This month our dishes are:

Chicken Provencal x2
Swedish Meatballs x2
Tortellini Veggie Casserole x2
Enchilada Soup x2
Skinny Cheeseburger Soup x2
Tex Mex Quinoa Casserole x2
Baked Spaghetti x2
Crockpot Chicken Philly Cheesesteak Hoagies x2
Pot Roast x2


Here is how I laid out our dinners for the month of May:



Based on what I already had on hand our proposed grocery list from Busch’s put us at $191. While shopping we found options that were a little cheaper than what we had on here (off brand) so we went with those and our total bill was $181!!! Wahoo!! I LOVE being under that $200 mark! That total made all the dinners above plus bought my daycare 4 gallons of milk, bananas & string cheese sticks. It also includes making my husband 18 egg, ham & cheese english muffin breakfast sandwiches! LOVE it when I can find amazing deals! I think the cashiers think I am crazy when I have that huge smile on my face for staying below my budget. **I didn’t print the list before their sale prices changed, as of today I would have been over budget. On Saturday April 30th we were at $191.65**

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I hope everyone enjoys!! Don’t forget you do not have to start out this big. Meal planning for a single week or two weeks at a time will still save you time and money in the long run! 🙂


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