Yes, I hear my kids whining and you will thank me for it later!

Yes, I hear my kids whining and no I do not care.

As far as whining goes, there is no way that they get the attention they want from. Yes, everyone looking at me at the grocery store, I DO hear my child whining but I am not giving in to my 3 year old’s demands. That’s not how this works. He does not rule this relationship. I am sorry for the inconvenience that it caused you for that minute we were in the same aisle but you will thank me later when my kid(s) are not the ones robbing you in the parking lot. If we as parents can be there for our kids more and teach them that they are not the king of everything I think that could fix a lot of the adolescent problems we have today. Our society ¬†does not give parents enough time to be with our kids and teach our kids right from wrong. Everything is so ridiculously over priced that parents have to work for 20 hrs a day just to pay for the essentials. This leaves our kids to be raised by other people or staying at home and trying to themselves. Some of the kids will see the great lengths that their parents went for them and will understand why they weren’t around. But you have those others who got away with everything because there wasn’t an adult around to teach them or were “raised” by others who’s main goal was to make sure they didn’t die. Grandparents for example (no, I am not hating on grandparents). Some grandparents are too old to really be raising toddlers & school aged kids. They might have an illness of some sort so they cant move around as much with them. ¬†This puts our kids into situations were they are now learning whatever they can to entertain themselves or running into these other kids who have raised themselves and gotten away with far too much.

I am not hating or bashing anyone’s parenting. I know we are all trying to do the best we can. This is more of a vent to those who see or hear me disciplining my children and to our government for not really supporting a healthy family life. If our world would be more focused on making a happy family life instead of pocket gouging every single person we meet I think the world would be a very different place.


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